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The Exotic Furniture Styles of Hamilton

Today furniture styles are not limited to one specific material but varieties materials and furniture. From traditional to contemporary a large change has occurred in the designing of furniture over the past 100 years. At Critelli’s we offer all different styles from ornate, solid wood of traditional to the modern, angular, sleek pieces of contemporary. Critelli’s and Transitions carries a variety of styles.

Traditional furniture styles lean heavy to history as an influence. Wood being the primary material along with fabric for upholstery, the theme of grandeur and wealth was a focus. Rich dark colours and ornate carving were common. Today traditional furniture is similar as rich, quality wood is a primary material, but today traditional pieces are more simplistic. Stickley’s furniture, sold at Critelli’s, is a fine example. They create quality pieces that are the original designs created in the early 1900’s. They are wonderful, timeless pieces that look like an antique but are brand new.

Contemporary furniture is much different than traditional and Critelli’s recognizes this. They opened Transitions, which focuses on contemporary and modern furniture. Contemporary materials are often steel, glass and polished wood and plastics. It takes on a more futuristic style with simple lines and neutral tones.  Though contemporary is different then modern because modern has a focus on practicality more than aesthetics. Contemporary creates a warmer feel, as splashes of bright colour are prevalent Transitions is a wonderful resource of contemporary furniture.

Transitional Furniture combines traditional and contemporary styles. Incorporating the quality and rich wood of traditional and using clean, simple lines and small details of glass and steel creates transitional.  The simply and classy feel of transitional is what many people desire in their homes. Critelli and Transitions recognize and offer this style, as it is a good fit for many people. Transitional adds warms to a room with a focus on fabrics, rich in texture and colour. Rich wood and fabrics with simple lines really brings transitional together.

No matter what style of house or home décor you prefer, Critelli’s and Transitions has many to choose from. If it be traditional, contemporary or transitional they have all styles to work with your home and lifestyle. Critelli’s is located in the heart of Niagara, and is close to the Hamilton area as well. They offer many different furniture styles and are able to help you find what is right for you and your home.

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